Every product we sell is eligible for quantity discounts, either at the product level or across the product category.

For example, buy three of the same product, and all three will discount starting at 5%. Buy 10 or more and get 10% off, 20 or more get 20% off up to a retail maximum discount of 25%. Additionally, once you have bought 10 products in any one product category you will get 10% off all of them, and so on!

All discounts are calculated automatically in your cart.

Wholesale discounts are also available once you have set up an account with us. Simply sign up on our account page and send us an email requesting wholesale access. Once we have determined that you are a qualified wholesale purchaser, we will upgrade your account and you will have wholesale pricing access to all of our products. To qualify for wholesale pricing status you must be an actual business with appropriate business numbers and business tax exemption status. There will be no exceptions.