Decal Application Instructions

Thank you for purchasing a product from Images of Fascination. Here are some step by step instructions to aid you in applying your decal supplied with transfer tape.

Your decal may be installed on any smooth non-porous surface.

Step One. Prepare the area where you want to apply the decal by ensuring it is free of wax or grease and is clean and dry. Decals are best applied at temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius.

Step Two. Using a strip of tape at the top of the decal, affix the decal to the prepared area.



Step Three. Flip the decal up and carefully remove the paper backing.

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Step Four. Gently and carefully slide your hand (or a flat object) down on the non sticky side attaching the sticky side to your prepared area.



Step Five. Using a flat object firmly smooth the decal and transfer paper from the middle out, pushing out any bubbles.



Step Six. Peel the transfer tape from a corner. Pull the tape directly back as shown in the photo to avoid peeling the decal off the surface. Apply pressure over the entire surface of the decal to remove any bubbles and to ensure a good bond.

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