Firefighter Police EMS/EMT Decals, Bumper Stickers, Funny Decals and more here!

Fire / EMS / Police Decals

Decals Bumper Stickers & Labels for Firefighters, Police & EMT/EMS

Hundreds of various designs of Fire, EMS, Police and Military decals can be purchased here. Check back for new designs often. New designs and options are added regularly! Custom variations to suit your needs. Our Fire, EMS, Police and Military decals are printed on premium reflective vinyl unless noted otherwise. You can apply our stickers to cars and trucks, helmets, toolboxes or any other smooth clean surface. Browse our ever growing selection of decals bumper stickers & labels at prices that leave the competition in the dust.


Cartoons and Funnies

We have assembled some of the funniest sayings and cutest poses, or poignant phrases and brought them to you in the form of decals. Buy these gems at great prices from us. Stick them on your car, truck, toolbox, laptop or wherever you want. Some of these aren’t appropriate, but we like to think that you and your family and/or friends will laugh and share the humour. Check back often for the latest designs and funny and quirky images that will be sure to make you smile. The decals we produce are weather and fade proof for up to two years. We also offer lamination on all of our decals at an extra charge.


Decals Bumper Stickers Labels

Our bumper stickers and labels are a source of humour that also allows for a display of wit, humour or even pure evil. When we are designing, we try to achieve something that creates a stir or smile at a glance. We offer many of the same sayings as the other producers, however we like to enhance and/or alter the visual aspect of the design to accentuate the punch line with graphics and color. Our pricing is competitive too! Check out volume discounts as well as free shipping in your shopping cart!

Custom Decals Bumper Stickers & Labels, Safety Signs and MORE!

Browse thousands of decals bumper stickers & labels you and your friends can buy right here in our online store.

Images of Fascination is a full colour printing company located in Victoria, BC, on beautiful Vancouver Island. We are situated in a wonderfully stimulating and creative environment. This allows us to create stunning visual images and also to create professional presentations for our clients.

Can’t find what you’re looking for, but see something close that just needs a little something to make it uniquely yours? Contact us and we’ll work with you from the ground up to create exactly the image you’re looking for.

As well, this site also displays our portfolio, allowing you to discover our history and experience, and view photos along with other  examples of our work to give you a sense of what we can do to make you look great!

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